Smashberry Red

Delicious Californian Red Blend

​Smashberry is all about the fruit: bright raspberry on the nose and boysenberry and cocoa flavors on the palate. It is rich on the palate with a supple mouthfeel, yet has firm tannins and a clean finish. Not a wine for the faint of heart or spirit. Destemmed , crushed and sent directly into fermentation tanks. Pumped over with several delestages during 7 to 10 days fermentations on skins. The wine was pressed, racked, underwent malolactic fermentation, and was then aged 9 months on American Oak

New Age

90% Torrentes and 10% Sauvignon Blanc

The most popular way to enjoy New Age is on the rocks with a slice of lime.This refreshing drink is called "Tincho" after the drinks creatorValentin Eduardo Bianchi, third-generation winery owner was given the nickname "Tincho" as a boy, a term of affection that, loosely translated, means "young Valentin" (as his grandfather was "older Valentin"). It is "Tincho" that first added the lime to the New Age White. "Tincho", the drink, quickly became one of the most popular, refreshing cocktails served in the restaurants, bars and nightclubs in trend-setting Buenos Aires. The Argentine tradition has caught on here in the United States.

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Two Cocky Sisters

Califorian Estate Red Blend

 At 16% alcohol, you’d better prepare for a bumpy ride. It attacks the nose, overwhelming its fine aromas of black cherry, caramel, and vanilla. If you let it sit a few moments and blow off its cocky alcohol, you’ll discover a good value juice behind the amazing label. Medium bodied with a good balance of fruit (black cherries and berries followed by cedar notes) and acids in this rich red blend.

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Beau Joie Rose

Delectable Rose Champagne

This exquisitely crafted champagne is derived from a mix of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay, perfectly balanced to create a Rose champagne that is one to be consumed when celebrating a special occasion. Light crisp taste, which is fresh and fruity, with the color of delicate rose petals.
The copper casing of both the Brut and the Rose were inspired by the suit of armor worn by the knights of the palace. They are crafted from 100% second generation scrap copper and each bottle is recycled after consumption.

Molly Dooker Wines

​A fun and playful selection of Australian wines

Always amazing and wonderful, Molly Dooker wines are always a Vino Amoari favorite. Whether it's a Merlot, Verdelho, or Cabernet, Molly Dooker is sure to please!

More info on each wine coming soon!

Beau Joie Brut

​Tantalizing French Brut

Pale gold. Aromas of ripe apple and ginger, plus a nutty nuance. Juicy and broad on the palate, with spicy flavors of baked apple, yellow plum and bitter orange rind. Finishes on a chewy note, with spicy persistence and a touch of warmth.

Same copper casting as the Rose, 100% second generation scrap copper. Both of these bottles are sure to be an eye, and taste but pleaser!